Whether it's your

self-confidence that needs a boost,

or you want to

improve and empower yourself,

or perhaps you’re looking for


in your relationships, business or professional life,

or maybe it’s time to take control of your

health & well being.



Will transform your life!

NLP Discover the missing link

Whether you are a younger woman, a wrinkly or an in-between.

Whether you are a student, a stay at home mum, a business owner, a CEO,
a practitioner, an employer or employee, or retiree, this event will


As the workshop unfolds, you may even come to realise


Settling for ordinary,

Settling for less than your best,


And now, may be a good time to lift the bar on mediocrity, take action and make some long overdue changes, don’t you think?

Here’s just a sample of what we’ll cover in this life-changing workshop. You will:

• Learn how to control your feelings so they don’t control you...

• Gain clarity and get a clear path towards creating the life that you want

• Get clear on what you want (that’s the challenging part)...

• Apply our super 7 step goal setting technique, that will take your goals and success to the next level

• Learn how to think strategically, clearly and positively, removing anxiety when faced with a problem

• Learn 3 instant relaxation and calming techniques that really work

• Build the muscle in ‘emotional intelligence’ becoming more self aware, aware of the impact you have on others and taking control of your life

• Find out how you can change (Yes, Really) even if you think you can't

• Discover how to easily bring about a change in others, with integrity.

• Get clear on what is really important to you... and how to use that to propel the changes you may want to make

• Feel comfortable and happy with yourself

• Learn how to happily say ‘No’ and have clear boundaries that support you and what is most important to you



This workshop takes you into that inner part of you that determines

What you think boxes
What you think boxes2
What you think boxes3

– and how you can use that insight and knowledge
to create an empowering & positive roadmap for your life.

You will understand and use your thoughts and behaviours in new ways – where ‘new’ means new and exciting outcomes for you, in whatever area of life you choose.

We start by exploring your limiting beliefs, you know those story’s that you tell yourself that hold you back, and then we transform them. 

We transform them into empowering strategies,
useful tools and action plans.

And the bonus is in the process you will quiet down that sometimes-annoying inner voice
– you know the one, and replace it with a voice that serves you.

Want More

We would love you to come and enjoy this intimate,
interactive and informative workshop, with like-minded women.

Where you will relax, rejuvenate and realign yourself with who you want to be.

It’s an opportunity to explore your life and
discover the resources and abundance that lies within.

This is not a ‘Rah-Rah, Pump E’m Up’
‘froth and bubbles’ event

(Ok well maybe there’ll be some bubbles)

that leaves you with an artificial buzz that only lasts a couple of days.

Though that being said, best be warned, we do laugh out loud often and we do have loads of fun, that’s a given. We believe life should be joyful. So if that’s not you, this Workshop probably isn’t for you. and it’s probably best to stop reading now.

This workshop does give you a sincere, sound and solid process.

You will walk away with usable tools that make sense,
have scientific validity and above all WORK.

You can use these tools every day for the rest of your life.

Investing in yourself for these two days will give you a mindset reboot that will produce huge returns for you over and over again.

It will change the way that you see yourself and those around you - and the way you perceive the world – in a positive & uplifting way

Come and join us, with a cohort
of other fabulous like-minded women.

We would love to see you at this breakthrough workshop.

Numbers are strictly limited, a small group is guaranteed.

September 26 – 27 2019

Albury – Wodonga – Regional VIC/NSW


Pay ONLY $495 now,

and then 4 easy payments of $176 over 4 months.

Fill out the form and reserve your seat today!*

(Note - This workshop may be tax deductible as a business / professional development workshop, and the fee includes gst)


REad what others are saying about this workshop

Having the love and support of family and friends, despite being born with physical disabilities didn’t make it any easier when it came to my thinking that I was never as good as anyone else.

Trying different self discovery programmes or methods of healing for several years to change myself as a person within, had no real benefit, so my life continued on.

Meeting Natalie and Sandra has had an impact on my life that is unbelievable. I have learnt that I am able, NOT disabled, that I am capable of learning great things, doing great things and being the best person or version of me. I see things from a different perspective which has changed my life in so many positive ways. I have gone from drab to fab and I have confidence in who I am…

- Julianne Morely

Although I earned a good living and enjoyed the company of family and friends, there was so much I wanted to do with my life but lacked the courage and confidence to take action.  When I attended this workshop and learnt the specific actions to build my confidence and self-esteem, my life began to change in ways I never would have imagined.  I highly recommend this workshop, it may well change your life.

-Jean Johnson

Sandra and Natalie, thank you to both of you and all your team who helped make our day so sensational. Our day was full of  fantastic information, thought provoking ideas, fellowship, laughter, sharing, fun, interesting and lovely people, & yum food!  I  have taken a lot away from the day and intend to keep along this path of self discovery and personal development. Your passion, commitment & enthusiasm is amazing and I truly admire what you are both doing.

-Julie Banks


Pop-Up Step2

Dr Natalie Shepard

My career path, if that is what you could call it, has seen me in many roles. It has been vastly diverse, meandering and fun, as far as ‘paths’ go.

CEO, business owner, employee, partner & associate, consultant, mentor and coach, and in my younger years I’ve been a stable hand, check-out chick and waitress. What fun. (Oh! And an aerobics instructor – the mind boggles – leotard, tights and leg warmers – what a look! lol )

I have an insatiable passion for learning, and over the last 25yrs I have expanded my health science creds into the fields of applied psychology, neuroscience, NLP, human behaviour & performance, and communication… but it’s not just about the cred’s is it? More importantly, I have hands on experience in these fields, runs on the board, and it is this knowledge and experience that I bring to the table to help you.

You know, don’t you, that you can have an even more fulfilled life.  A life full of light-hearted joyous moments and a sense of confidence in the future. You just need the right tools, the right strategies, and the right people in your corner.

You are a woman with an infinite well, of untapped potential. I know it sounds cliché’, but it’s true. You are far more than you think you are. My or our job is to help you bring out that potential, and celebrate your strengths, talents, and skills.

You don’t need to do more, or be more. It’s about the process. Thinking a little differently, and I’m here to help you do that…  Be encouraged, be empowered, and be excited.

Sandra & I do hope we get to meet you. Come along to Breakthrough To Success – The Missing Link, dip your toe into the pond of possibility and opportunity. Meet some other amazing like minded women – and be the difference in your own world.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Sandra Martin

I still call myself a Kiwi, when the ‘All Blacks’ are playing the ‘Wallabies’ but have called Australia home for over 20 years now.

Like Nat, and so many other women, I have had numerous positions over the years not to mention all the other roles we women play – mother, partner, friend, sister, aunt, confidante, committee member and so on. We are a diverse bunch aren’t we?

Over the years my roles have been mainly corporate, senior executive level within the travel and finance industries. Moving to Australia, gave me an opportunity to reinvent myself. I decided to open my own business – retail – it seemed like a good idea at the time. lol

There came a time however, where I was looking for more, so I returned to study. And like Nat, I have always had an insatiable appetite for learning. And it was in this space that we met.

I have studied in the areas of human behaviour and communication – both verbal & non-verbal, master NLP, and trainer & facilitator of many behavioural & personality profiling tools. I am also a professional stylist and personal brand builder, which I find super rewarding, helping transformation happen inside and out.

I find myself now, as a speaker, consultant, and mentor, to individuals, teams and within organisations, which is challenging and rewarding.

Nat and I are working on a book together, so will soon be published authors, to add to the list. We’re a little excited about that.

What I love about what we do, when we are together facilitating workshops like Breakthrough, is number one, the fun that we have, but two, the transformation that occurs over the two days, when fabulous like minded women get together, discover so much more about themselves and champion each other to greater heights.

I can guarantee, that this is one of the best workshops you will ever do. It is life changing. It is fun, insightful, and engaging, and you will walk away with tools, strategies and skills that work, and that you will use for the rest of your life.

Come on. Step up. Say yes to you. No excuses.

I hope to meet you soon.